February’s Birthdays!

Member NameBD-Day
Barbara W Jones1
Helen McCarty1
Rebecca Gould1
Vickie Clutter1
Brenda Moser2
Judy Trevison2
Margaret Harbert2
Ron Watson2
Floyd Moore3
Jack L Gregory3
Martha DeBarr3
Philip Abrams Sr3
Shirley J Runyon3
Darla L Everley4
Helen P Raymond4
Nola C Robey4
Kathryn Michalik5
Phyllis Warner5
Altha J Talerico6
Jimmie F Lane6
Margaret Spatafore6
Sandra Laurie6
Susan McElroy6
Charles Kuhens7
Clarence E Posey7
Keith E Walls7
Saundra Starkey7
Barbara Dillard8
Debora Ann Leonard8
Ernest Claypool8
Betty Blackshire9
Dorothy McCartney9
Irmgard Quinn9
Janice Cawthon9
Libby Butcher9
Margaret E McDonald9
Margaret Rittenhouse9
Mary Kay Lindsay9
Paul Nulter9
Donald A Kudla10
J Kay Gibson10
Loretta M Mills10
William Audia10
Margaret D Yost11
Thomas J Stire11
Nancy Piggott12
Barbara J Campbell13
Cathy D Bennett13
Eugene Jaumot13
Gary DeBarr13
Victoria A Ayoob13
Dorothy J Rader14
James E Stout14
Larry Joe Mano14
Davy Lee Yoders15
Gloria Tassos15
Jim Myers15
Loretta Flint15
Beverly Fogg16
Charles Stalnaker16
Don Shepherd16
Kathy Atha16
Wilbert E Hamrick16
Harold Allen17
Betty Riley18
Bradford Simons19
Floyd B Lockhart Sr20
Linda Murphy20
Lynne Clutter20
Rita Taylor20
Tom Flynn20
Eddie Lemasters21
Kendy Clutter21
Sarah A Rebrook21
Frank Yanero22
Genie Hardman22
Jeff Rupert22
Vera Johnson22
Gloria J Armstrong23
Lenore H Hinkle23
Marsha K Caplinger23
Thomas C Exline23
Jean Sartoris24
Shirley A Dodd24
Virginia Loria24
Dorothy Carpenter25
Linda Thorn25
Ruth A Bailey25
Sylvia Snyder25
Kammi Insani Singleton26
Kenny Clutter26
Pamela J Bonnell26
Lisha Templeton27
Tonya Stewart27
Jo Ellen Crowley28
Joyce Cox28
Raymond Mark Leonard28
Susie George28
Paul Shaver29

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After several months of planning, HCSC will begin a new evidenced based exercise program that combines physical activities, socialization, and BINGO!

More info here on the program creators:   https://www.wku.edu/bingocize/

Bingocize will be held every Wednesday in the Kinley Café from 10:15 am – 11:15 am and 12:15 pm – 1:15 pm.   There is a session before and after lunch.  Prizes will be awarded for Bingo and there will be a program to win a “I am a Bingocizer” tee shirt.  If you like to play Bingo but really don’t like to exercise, then this program is for you.  Join us to socialize, exercise, and energize at the Harrison County Senior Center. 

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Black History Month

HCSC Kinley Café will celebrate Black History Month with two Soul Food Days menus.  On Thursday, February 13, there will be Chicken, Mac & Cheese, and Mixed Greens.  On Monday, February 24, there will be Fish, Mac & Cheese and Mixed Greens.  Cornbread will be served with both meals. 

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HCSC Board of Directors 2020 Meeting Schedule

Fourth Thursday of the Meeting Month

9:00 a.m. in the Board Room

January 23, 2020

March 26, 2020

                                   (Meeting to work on the 2021 Annual Plan)

April 23, 2020

June 25, 2020

July 23, 2020

August 27, 2020

October 22, 2020

November 19, 2020

(Annual Meeting date changed from Thanksgiving Day Nov. 26)

Note: This proposed meeting schedule sets in place eight regular meeting dates during 2020, that are required by the By-Laws Art. IV, Board of Directors, Sec. 4, Meetings.  There are four months in which a meeting will not occur.  They are February, May, September, and December. 

The By-Laws Art. IV, Board of Directors, Sec. 5, Notice of Meetings allows for the Board of Directors or the Board President to call a special meeting of the Board of Directors for a specific purpose.  Further, Art. IV, Board of Directors, Sec. 7, Quorum provides for tele-connect to constitute a quorum.



At the January 23, 2020 HCSC Board Meeting, the board took the following actions:

Adopted the director’s request to assign seminar/presentations to the appropriate HCSC Board Committees to review and coordinate. 

Approved the director’s request to approve fundraisers and assign them to the appropriate HCSC Board Committee to review and coordinate. 

Assigned review and update of ballroom rental policies and fees to the Marketing Committee to make recommendation to the full board for consideration. 

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Next Board Meeting

The next HCSC Board Meeting will be on Thursday, March 26, 2020 at 9:00 am in the boardroom. Public is welcome to attend.  There is no February board meeting. 

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Membership Cards

Harrison County Senior Center 2020 Membership Cards ($10) are now available.  If you are a satellite member, you will receive your card at your satellite location.  Membership is open to seniors ages 50+.  

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